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The next semester will start 01/11/2022. Semester classes consist of weekly bellydance class for eight weeks where dancers will be guided through a progressive syllabus. Techniques will be combined to provide fitness-focused classes, in a safe space where self-exploration is encouraged. Over the semester, students will advance to more complicated movements and combinations, continually working to improve their form and technique, all while finding greater joy through bellydance.

Semester Classes

  • Semester classes are currently offered in two bellydancing levels: Beginner Bellydance & Intermediate Bellydance.

    Beginner Bellydance: Semester Guide

    Beginner bellydance moves

    Basic info

    Bellydance Styles



    Basic combinations


    Intermediate Bellydance: Semester Guide

    Advanced moves

    Advanced combinations



  • Wednesdays: 7:00PM - 8:00PM

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